Each day when I wake up to the bright sunlight falling on my eyes, I realize that how blessed I am to be given one more day.
I have wasted hours thinking about things like death and suicide.
Lost many days counting how many days am I going to live. I had no high hopes on life. Sometimes I feel like my existence is worthless. I feel like I am a burden for all the people who are with me. Do I matter to anyone? Will anyone miss me if I die?
Am I the dust which wanders aimlessly and about which nobody cares?
But then something strikes me. There are many people out there who die to live- who plead for more time when their time is slowly slipping off. People who desire to live but unfortunately cannot. People who deserve to consume the space which I have been consuming wastefully. People who have dreams and aspirations and hopes on their future.
And then I realize that why did I throw away my time on those useless thoughts. Though I don’t have any aim or goal to achieve in future, a future about which I am not even sure about, but from now on I am going to live my present to the fullest.
All I have is now and I want this ‘Now’ to be spent with full productivity. I might not able to leave a great mark behind but I do want my living to be counted. I might not be considered important by people but I want me to matter to myself.
I should realize that I am important to me.
I need me.
And this me will strive to bring out life in each and every moment I create.

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