Meeting my fate

I was walking down the streets, remembering the beauty of fragrance I used to have back then,
Wondering to what happened to me that I no longer have the wish to remember you,
I don’t even have that urge to feel the feelings I had that time,
All the games, all the lies, all the grieves and all the trust got in vain I think,
Remembrance of the past meadows make me feel more like of a disastrous,
I don’t want to go back to feel all the feelings and enjoy the moments again which I used to dream of,
Though it was not possible but the dream was enough to make me smile,
Those dreams were not just dreams but also the way to get me feel satisfied,
They were the pathway for me to the reality,
I accomplished the past memories,
But now the feeling of drowning in mid-ocean is something I like,

Passing the trees, and facing the oceanic beach reminds me the loo cutting my face,
This picks a memory of my old days that I used to cover my face to prevent it from hot winds to safe my beauty,
But now it doesn’t even matter because I lost in the middle of road,
The reminiscing insomnia companies me to feel better that I need to die,
Feeling better now disgusts me because I lost habit of feeling good,
I was collecting all the scattered memories to make long sheets,
The blues and blacks of my shattered life, feels pretty that I am normal,
I am super excited to meet my fate,
Wishing to see it soon.

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