Funny thing
memories are,
to get attached to anything,
as they please.

You could be strolling
in your garden,
and happen to see a flower.
The next moment,
you’re right in the middle
of the Botanical Garden you visited in your third grade.

You could be in a restaurant,
sipping your favorite drink,
and the music changes.
You put your drink down.
You’re in a car,
next to him,
holding hands,
smiling sheepishly at each other.

You’re at the supermarket,
buying your weekly groceries,
and you spotted a Broccoli.
You smile.
You’re in front of your TV,
watching your favourite cookery show with your cousins,
laughing out so loud that the neighbor knocks at your door,
warning you to keep it down.

It feels surreal.
How these little pockets of memories,
are the moments we once lived.

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