Mental Monsters and Sordid Sponsors

We’ve all felt a little low,
Like we’re dying really slow.
Stuck in a bad place with not even a flickering glow,
We’ve all been down this road before.

These feeling fueled by mental monsters,
These emotions corrupted by sordid sponsors.
I’ll introduce you to the ones that destroy man,
You’ll always have an opportunity to fight them if you can.

When a man wants more than his need,
The silent warnings of destruction he will not heed.

When man unleashes fury on what he hath,
He shall walk a most deadly path.

When a man’s desire borders not on the just,
A cruel destiny face he must.

When a man’s hatred for his peer grows heavy,
Evil spirits shall cackle with devilish glee.

When man clings on to his ancient sword’s hilt,
He locks himself in the prison he’s built.

When man speaks falsely in hopes to defeat,
His crippled soul is the one that’s beat.

When man doubts whether he is worthy,
A leaf breaks and falls from his tree of opportunity.

When man tortures himself in quick succession,
He enters a place from where he seeks redemption.

Now you know the strength of your foe,
If you choose, these monsters you can outgrow.
All you have to do is say “Enough, no more!”
All these feelings, away they’ll go.

I bid you now a hearty adieu,
Hoping you are reborn anew.
Hoping you rise afresh, askew,
Realizing the sky isn’t black, its blue.

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