Middle class dreams….

The dreams….
To touch the Pinnacle,
while standing at the foot of a hill.
To bloom like a sacred Lotus,
in a pool full of slush.
To establish oneself,
detached from world of hordes.
To spread own scent,
like wild jasmines blossom in woods.
Inferring the bitter truth about the life of a middle class,
struggling for existence.

The dreams; rare and spesh…
Silently witnesses many tussels and sacrifices
of a middle class father,
moulding ample opportunities for his dreaming child.
Hopes in tender watery eyes,
and never ending enthusiasm in his deed.

The dreams; blessed with the prayers
of an affectionate mother.
Nourished with nutritious foods and
protected from foes by her.

The dreams; serene and priceless…
costs many sleepless nights,
takes herculean efforts,
needs huge tenacity and
consumes keen perseverance.
Even so these are unparalleled and
at premium middle class dreams.

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