Mine To Keep

Like the words of a sentence I don’t know where it goes; It could be a euphoric melody or a sad prose.
How my heart flutters when you look at me, but I don’t know if you’re mine to keep.

Your hand is in mine and your ears on my shoulder. I look down at you and time seems to go slower.
You look up at me as I wonder about the “what if’s” & “why’s”. Those brown eyes and that deadly smile, what a sight for sore eyes.
My hair had your fingers running through. Only if you knew, how much I liked you.
We could be together, I can see it. But am I the only one who can feel it?

You cuddle up to me and go to sleep. But why does it feel like we’re waiting. Waiting, for something to happen, not really asleep.

Let’s stay this way…your head on my shoulder, your hand in mine as the music plays through the radio.
Because I’m afraid of the day I’ll know and the moment I’ll have
to finally let go.

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