The story of every night
Is the same in every way
I try to make it different
But you won’t go away

I know you’re just a dream
And I’m about to wake up
I know my life after you
Has been a complete shake up

I try to fall asleep
But the sleep doesn’t come
Instead it’s your painful thoughts
It’s time for their midnight fun

It’s time for them to
Crawl out on my skin
To dance and sing their misery
And make my happiness wear thin

I try to push them away
But they stick to me like germs
I’m swallowed by the dark
And my mind feels those worms

The thoughts, they prick me
Body, mind and soul
I feel my eyes trick me
As the tears stream out of their holes

Every night, I twist and turn
And think of happy times
It’s never too long before
I reach the end of the line

It’s not the end so much
As it is really the start
Of where it all went wrong
And where we drifted apart

I don’t want to blame you
Always innocent in my mind
You didn’t realize what was wrong
When I felt left behind

You didn’t try to fix this
You were busy fixing your future life
I bruised my hands, holding onto
The life you left behind

The life I’m holding onto
Is tormented by your thoughts
I don’t think I’ll ever let go
Of the love I always sought.

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