Mistaken Identity

John flicked a speck of dust off his coat.
In less than an hour he had to be at the port.
He had asked Mary to pack his lunch,
And arrange all his papers in a neat bunch.
Today everything had to be up to the mark.
Arranging this meeting was no walk in the park.
Securing this deal was priority number one,
As the achievement easily transcends anything he’s won.
Despite owning one of the biggest firms in the world,
John had lots of better ideals to uphold;
His father had started from scratch to come this far,
Now he was going to bring it up to par
To heights never been reached, he only needs one thing,
Or one man, he corrects himself, the elusive Dr. King!
‘Unprecedented technological brain’, the doctor was called,
He preferred to work alone, offers from every company he forestalled;
Because although he kept gifting men invention after invention,
Nobody had even seen his face, to publicity such was his aversion.
“The man lives up to his name”, John had smirked,
But he wouldn’t back down, never one to be irked
By minor bumps in the road; he had eyes on the prize,
Two years of relentless pursuit,and he saw the sun rise
On his efforts; when finally one day, Dr. King did agree
To meet in person, “Only to share experiences”, John assured with glee!
Now he’ll have the best revenues a business has ever brought.
Because once he eyes the fish, it’s as good as caught.
So John watches impatiently as his own cruise ship docks,
Many eager admirers and reporters have come in flocks,
For a glimpse at their god; who now descends the steps,
A tall, imposing man, impeccably dressed, he stops and helps
A young woman with a pleasant smile. “What a nice chap!
He’s even brought his wife!” John thinks as he tips his cap.
In two strides he reaches the man and grasps his hand,
“Doctor King! Welcome to our humble abode! We’ve planned…”
The man opens his mouth to speak, but John gushes on,
“… And a few meetings, to hear from you of course, all that you’ve done,
We hadn’t known you’d be bringing your wife too,
But fear not madam, we can arrange some shopping for you…”
The lady grins amiably, the man clears his throat,
“While it’s very flattering the amount of attention you devote
To your guests”, he says, “Let me first take the trouble to introduce.
“I’m Tim Willoby, working under one of the greatest minds we will ever produce,
The meetings you mentioned? She’s the one you should bring,”
Indicating the serenely smiling woman, he says, “Meet Doctor Pamela King!”

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