Misty Eyes

Long have I thought of this promised day,

A day that I dreaded and desired to be at bay,

The day I hand over my daughters’ hand,

To the man who promised her hand.

My little and sweet old girl,

My darling in tippy toes,

Oh, how you have grown,

Beyond the mold into a vibrant young lass.

Little babbles of speeches,

Little triumphs of feet,

Little dances of happiness,

Oh, darling you were so sweet.

I still remember the day,

Tiny little hands wrapped around my fingers,

A brave new world of kindergarten,

And eyes like shining torches that looked onwards.

Oh! my darling how you have grown,

Striving to be the best of all,

From talent shows to debates,

My little tigress you showed them all.

Each day our family of three,

Would be in gaiety bliss,

But deep in me I feared,

Of the day you said goodbye.

Looking back at how time has passed,

And the boy now holding your hand,

I see love shimmering in your eyes,

And expectations for your own quaint domicile.

As a father I feel blessed,

I feel happy to see your smile,

Oh, my darling, my sweet pea,

This old man looks forward to your new chapter,

With misty little eyes.


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