As a new sunrise spreads its wings upon us,
The question of mortality taunts me.

Is this mirthful life,
Just a joyous yet terminal pleasure we happily bore?
Or is it the constant knowledge,
That one day our existence will be wiped away, right down to our core?

Oh such a human thing it is,
To congregate and cry and mourn over your now dead beloved!
But what is it that you grieve for?
Their touch? Their memories?
Or their body lying in the open casket?

We all shall perish one day,
It’s a curse and yet, a boon we’re born with.
So why do we humans try to convince ourselves otherwise,
Instead of finding solace in this promised death’s kiss?

We fight. We yearn.
We build. We burn.
We try to fit in just one more memory.
Just one more smile, one more ceremony.

For what?

For this wretched planet we’re slowly killing?
Or to fill the existential void we’re everyday feeling?

We call ourselves superior, so where goes this superiority,
When we try to come to terms with our own mortality?
All we seem to do is fit in sloppy seconds,
And try and run away from daunting situations and dead ends.

The sun has completely come up now,
Filling the once blue sky with its golden rays.
The wisps of wind and the chirping birds ease the knot in my chest somehow,
They make me want to look forward to happier days.

I don’t know if I’m any more aware of my mortality now,
Than I was before.
But here’s to hoping that this pump in my body doesn’t stop working,
Here’s to blissful ignorance galore.

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