We were introduced to this world by her,
The beautiful woman whom we call ‘mother’.
She brought us up with love and care,
Our mother is beyond compare.

She works non-stop everyday,
Even with her hair turning grey.
She can complete any task,
And covers her tiredness with a happy mask.

She is our first guide,
Leading us through this world so wide.
Her hand is always on our shoulder,
Giving us strength to cross any boulder.

She calmed us down when we cried,
Our wet eyes she has dried.
All we need is her smile,
To make everything seem worthwhile.

She can set everything right,
Be it our failures or fights.
She has magic in her hands,
For she can run any errand.

She is God on Earth,
To kindness and love she gives birth.
She can replace everyone,
But she can’t be replaced by anyone.

A mother’s love is the best,
Always greater than the rest.
Forgiving and forgetting is in her nature,
She is the best supporter, friend, mother and teacher.

-Khooshi D Jajoo

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