Isolated on an island
Lived a mother songbird,
She and her birdlings
In a place where only waves were heard

Lovingly, the birdlings
Looked at their hardworking mother
She worked tirelessly for them
Even when she couldn’t push any further

Over their heads,
The sun shone bright; and
As relentless as the day’s heat
Was the freezing temperatures of night

Visibly exhausted the songbird,
Did every bit she could,
Be it bringing food and water
Or for building the nest; some wood

Each day the mother
Grew older and older,
And she knew she had to train
Her kids to be as strong as a boulder

Many days passed,
It was finally time to learn flying
The babies were reluctant
And scared, wailing and crying

“You can do it”, the mother bird
Motivated her young ones
Hesitantly they all jumped from the tree
Her three daughters and two sons

Much to the mother’s surprise
One baby birdling remained back
Too scared he’d drop and drown
She knew courage was what he lacked

“Off you go” she told him,
“You will always be safe when I’m there”
Filling words of encouragement into him
She looked over how the others fared

The birdling, confident his mother had his back
Finally decided to take the leap
He brushed of his fears and all his tears
And flew with a clean and sharp sweep

Having succeeded to teach her kids
The mother knew she was now too weak
She could see her discoloured feathers
And her yellowing worn out beak

Everyone gathered back near her
And she smiled at all her children
“It’s time for me to go” she told them
And without her, the island became barren

Repressing all his emotions
At the side stood her youngest son,
Finally having realised that,
His mother didn’t teach him to spread his wings,
But she taught him to stretch the horizon

We often don’t appreciate
The hardships our mother’s go through
Always remain grateful and love her
For she is the one who made you

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