Mother’s Smile and the Sweet Child of Innocence

Used to open my eyes to see you smile
And if you weren’t around, I’d run around
Calling out your name
And then to find you, I’d rush by
To hold on to you
I’d promise you anything
I wouldn’t let you go
And then you’d lift me
While holding on to calm me
You’d wipe away all the tears
You’d wipe away all my fears
Promising me to walk by
Even after you die
And I’d start to cry saying please don’t talk that way
And I’d start to cry saying I’ll come along all the way

Within a blink of eye the Lord came and asked you to leave
You went to a better place but it stole you away from me
And it may seem poetic
But I find it horrific
You died in the morning of Mother’s Day
Holy or Unholy in anyway
I’m left with all the pieces
Now I live in fragments
Now I live in moments
Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you
Not a day goes by where I don’t hear you
Not a day goes by where I don’t feel you
Not a day goes by where I ain’t beside you
But it’s all only in memories
That’s a strange kind of life
I’m stalling my days
Just to live in the past
Why have you left me at bay?

And all the years that fade away
Hasn’t been a year that was meant to be
Picking the pieces that broke away
Papering over cracks that wasn’t meant to be
Now I see through the broken vase
Wondering how can I fix my base?
My memories are fading away
And I cling on to my precious dreams
Eager to close my eyes soon
Eager to see you soon
Eager to hear you soon
Eager to find you soon
Now I close my eyes to see your smile

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