Mr. Someone

To Mr. Someone, I really want to text
But, things have changed now and you’re with your next
I wish I was confident then about my feelings
because now I’m spending most of my time healing

It’s crazy how things have changed
And now, they are deranged
I wish we were still the same people as we were in the past
I’m sure, Our relationship would have last

Do you ever think of me?
When you are next to the sea
The memories that we had created in the past
Are now overlapped with your last

How I wish things were still the same
But, I guess that would have been pretty lame
I want to go back to the past now
But, I’m not sure if you’d allow

I wish things had ended differently
and maybe we would have been with each other happily
But, I guess all of my hopes are now in vain
Because you have moved on and now, I’m suffering from the pain

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