Murky zeals

Dear Society
I am tired of listening to your antiquated ideas
I don’t fear anymore in speaking my mind
Your rules make me angry that dictate colours on canvas of my life
And I turn that into my poetry
I want people to walk off who don’t live fit your views people
who don’t live the way you want them to
Keeping rosaries under my bed
Or reciting some verses will not
Stop with my sexuality check
I have been summoned to love infinitely
The right to live my life in my way, is not an agenda
It is not hullabaloo or a part of your messy politics
I will not hide myself in the pits and parts of your hell
I want to challenge the hues of toxic beliefs
In the heavenly baronies of safety
I want to love without presence of fear
I wish to say ‘I do’ and stay with my lover forever
Without baits or wails
And just living our two lives as one and calling it normal
I do not wish to be ashamed for gazing into those pretty eyes
That blinks in pain but glows when my love rains
I have a figment of a world where you will not judge me
For my intimacies, chastities and choices
To be proud to hold hands in public,
to hold each other on the bus we travel
I’m not sure it could ever come true
It really does not make much of any puissance
To go beyond showing men and women
Just being men and women yearning for liberation
I don’t know what is life if I can’t love freely?
I will never abide by your nonsense rules
Your flawed words release my soul
All it takes is empathy
Something unknown to you
I take pride in me that I never think of my family’s voices
Who pretend to be holy forces protecting me
While decorating the dark night with fireflies
I met with troubled lives, trampled lovers
My lover is my mindset, which screams at you
“Devils! Demons! Sickening!’
My voice is liquid
My words crave,
lust, longing and love
That runs down the spine and exploring into
million pieces spread in your world
You have the right to breath and remain tells everyone to me
But my laughter cannot intertwine with your laugh
I cannot openly love in the presence of your heart
I am a dark phase, a fire in the pit of cultures and traditions
I ignite thick blood and demoralise sexuality
Coal in my lungs, black pupils, frozen genitals
Igniting you, igniting us,
And killing me, finally.

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