Remember the day you promised me forever and ever?
I do.
Though now that I think about it, you were quite clever,
Never to have given me a date, for when our time was due.

Your friends and I still talk,
Kind of glad that I didn’t lose them too.
But seeing them takes me back,
When everything was love and sunshine and happiness and blue.


It was your favourite colour,
Wasn’t it?
Is it still the same or…
Never mind.

All the novels and the epics talk about long and beautiful romances,
The ones that end in happily ever after and stately dances.
But no one ever talks about the torrid and fiery whirlwind of a love affair,
The one that left you broken and gasping for air.

They don’t tell you about the person you become when heartbreak knocks at your door.
They don’t tell you about the violent love, which like a lightning consumes you whole.
They don’t tell you about the gaping hollow in your chest and the pain of missing that one ‘something’.
They don’t tell you about the despair and the relentless longing.

So much longing.

But don’t you worry your pretty head about that!
Because the longing is always one sided, isn’t it?
Moreover, there’s no use.
You’re happy. She is happy. I’m not.
And maybe that’s why; you’ll forever be my muse.

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