Never before in my life had I found anything more prized,
Than the gift of a friend like you I received.
I used to think everything in this world was about love,
You made me feel love without even falling in love.
With you I can’t pretend,
Because with you my life is contend.

You know every time I blush,
Or anytime I get a new crush.
I annoy you oftentimes,
And demand quicklimes.
You are the solution to each of my problem,
The same way as the Jews folklore golem.

I wish if only others get to know me like you,
But also I know that no one has ever valued me more than you.
You believed, motivated and helped me in my tough phase,
With you I can proudly say that I’m on that chase,
To conquer the world with my knowledge.
Hope you will consider becoming my kedge.

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