My Bluebird

I’ve lost equilibrium and I’m gradually falling,
Descending from this fragile crust
I’ve crash landed on the concrete floor
My words are bleeding and my hands are numb,
I’m burning the midnight candle,
Just to survive through this day
Hallucination or reality
I see the dark clouds dissipate
My Bluebird, are you heading this way?
Can you see?
I’m stretching my arms for you
If you could listen carefully
My words will syncopate to the rhythm of you hear beat
And bring you close to me
I’m perpetually yearning for the dawn:
When this blazing light shall overcome this vandalism
Through the faith in my prayers,
My words echo for your homecoming
Where are you my Bluebird?
It’s been another day,
My mind is locked in a prison of my darkness
Behind high ramparts that I’m unable to break
I’m starving for a slight glimpse of your shadow again
Will you head this way?
Or depart from my mind towards an unknown direction,
Leaving me hopelessly in pain
Will you take me home?
To your world,
Where the storms are gone and skies are blue
My tears shall rinse all my scars away,
When you will find me
And I will find you

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