My First Job

Right from the 1st word from my mouth,
to the journey that’s destined way south,
Mom, you, being there for me, have witnessed it all,
And swear, you were excited when I got the company’s call.

Yet I see your eyes filled with silent tears,
and I know ur heart’s concerned & full of needless fears,
but just remember mother, I’m your grown up son,
who can tackle any upcoming problem one by one.

Yes the distance is far,
and it’ll cause us both some emotional scar,
But this alone will help me remember your extraordinary care,
Your love that continues to be unconditional and fair.

So see me off with a bright smile on your face,
Because it’s up to your son to find his ways,
Your prayers are all needed to protect me day and night,
So don’t you worry and keep your mind feathery light.

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