My Friend is a Mirror

My best friend is the mirror.
It does not quiver
At my sight.
It doesn’t make me slight.

It pushes me on,
When I want a flight;
Reassures me
After a fright.

Makes my ego
Shine through its eyes;
Buffs my heart
Through its smile.

The guy in there
Is ugly.
The man in him
Is hot;

Of head
And heart,
Not good of face
His brain his ace.
His confidence his sword;
His weakness his word.
He can be heard,
Where only go herds.

He has many ism’s
Main is Narcissism.
His sarcasm, a pain to others,
Not that he cares

But for himself,
He loves his family.
A few friends, that girl,
Rest is, I, me, myself.

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