My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is not something I think about or ponder over every single night while in bed, but I do think about it every time I am at an amusement park. I stand there stunned, thinking how people do it. Once I even gathered enough courage to stand in the queue to sit on the ride, but as you can guess, I definitely did not get on it. Being upside down is my single most fear in life and being anywhere near roller coasters triggers it insanely.

I know this sounds like a very stupid fear compared to the general public’s fear of failure or fear of making the wrong decisions, but it’s my fear and I didn’t really get to choose it. In this essay, I can provide a plethora of reasons to justify my fear such as it makes me feel like I’m not in control or I am scared of the consequences, but none of them will be true since I have no reason to justify any of the above given statements. In life, I try to care about consequences as little as possible, but when I’m asked to be on a 360 degree ride all of my so-called courage decides to go on a long walk to far away land.

I think that the only way I can overcome this fear is if I were to be tied up to a roller coaster with no way out. I would have to deal with being upside down and just sit on the ride until I stop screaming and accept the reality around me.

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