My Sister

I’ve always loved purple more than pink,
Or yellow or black. But never pink.
I remember the cold breeze at 5 a.m. near the bus station,
My sister and I huddled together under our mother’s shawl.
Shivering little fingers and teeth that chatter all along.
We used to draw pictures and pick fights somewhere in between.
And I’m happy to remember them all.
We painted our bedroom blue, but we left those walls for new ones.
We played monopoly and laughed about summer vacation travels.
From ruffled gowns to jeans and cool tops,
How we outgrew everything but not our love.
When our father carried me and my broken leg,
I still remember you laughing about all the trouble I’m in.
My sweet sister, I missed you some days in the future.
Change of rooms and houses and places,
We never stopped bickering and we never stopped caring.
Do you remember all the fun things we did?
Some trips we took, some memories we carved.
Green eyes and black eyes, always the perfect pair to find mischief in.
I like the blue depths and you love the green floors.
Made for each other is complicated,
I’d settle for always and forever with you.
When strangers love always scared me,
A familiar face I always saw among this busy world that sometimes consume me.
I always thought I’d be the one leaning
Yet I’ve been there silently for you.
All along while you’ve held me up.
Such dreams that fuel you,
And those dreams you have of me.
I’d hold your hand for infinity,
Like that five-year-old did till now,
And evermore.
When you paint again,
Drench me in purple, and you in green.
I’ll always love you more than purple.

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