My Soul Connect

“मैं और मेरी तनहाई
अकसर ये बातें करती हैं ।
तुम होते तो कैसा होता…”
The epic lines perfectly epitomize unmet love. Isn’t it?

For me, when I hear such endearing lines, my heart too is filled with emotions for someone.
And this longing, this desire is for the set of my dance ghungroos (anklet bells worn by Indian Classical dancers), it evokes the same feeling for me as it would be for someone who yearns for their lost or incomplete love. Neither apart nor together.
Ghungroos are for a classical dancer, just as a Camera is for an actor, a brush for a painter, a guitar for a guitarist, their union is something celestial, they complement each other, enhance each other & they create magic together.

And I wait, thinking will I be able to create that magic, relive those moments ever, not for anyone else but purely for the bliss, the connection I feel even in my thoughts, as I imagine them once again adorning my feet, the divine sound of the bells is so pulsating yet so serene, for me there is nothing more artistic, soulful and purer than the touch & sound of my ghungroos.
I wish this was a reality. I wish this was my identity, but may be some day surely.

As you must be wondering, what stopped us from being together, so the answers are the same clichéd, best left undisclosed😅, because as they say never dwell in the past instead focus on what can be done next & what can be possibly waiting for you, you just have to allow yourself that another chance.
So, as I write this, sitting in the corner are my ghungroos, they look at me & I look at them, even years later we resonate the same love, the same devotion and the bond seems to be getting more stronger and the inhibitions seem to diminish now.
And as I think of readying myself to embrace my ghungroos again & start afresh, a parting thought, if any typical romantic song reminds you of your passion, hobby, unfulfilled dream than remember it’s not lost yet, if it’s still on your mind, chase it (as long as its legal😆).
And as you pursue your desire, shed the repression and go all out, but do it only for your delight, not for popularity, not to prove something to others, follow it only for your own spiritual connect & contentment.

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