Have you ever set your heart on someone,
Though you didn’t stand a chance.
Your thoughts were so far from reality,
But your heart just wanted to dance.

You barely know me,
I’m sure you believe just what you have heard.
But if you read just a little further,
I promise your heartsickness might be cured.

You see when you first caught my attention,
Your kindness is what drew me in.
I saw a strong background in a gentle person,
With faithfulness deep rooted in his skin.

I too grew up as the kind of girl,
Who promised god I would stay
Obedient and pure until
That person comes and takes me away.

Now we are at that stage in life,
When temptation begins to undertake.
But I’m counting on a guy out there alike,
For whom my promise to god won’t break.

I’m sorry if this makes me come on too strong,
It’s just that I have been on this quest for quite a while
To find a guy who has his heart belongs
To mine and I think I have finally walked my last mile.

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