New Bird In The Town

Grooming the wings and preparing for her flight,
On my way, a new bird came into my sight
The ways of the new world left her dazed,
Some birds are just not meant to be caged
To every passerby she would wide-eyed stare,
And all she received was a moment of glare
Nostalgic feelings filled every corner of her heart,
She kept herself so busy that past could not rip her apart
Memories from the past gave her extreme solace,
And gradually her life picked up its pace
Swimming with the tide of the unaccustomed earth,
After the well was dry , realizing water’s worth
In a struggle to preserve her identity,
The new bird in the town may lose her serenity
Oh! How foolish was she not to use her wings,
And put a brave front when she could easily get rid of mean things
But here is a salute to the bird that did not fly,
Veiling her feelings in the new town with a smile so sly

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