Night life

Like the moon, I wait sometime, for the thriving night life,
Wait! Don’t get me wrong, let me explain-
For me it means listening to the chorus of crickets,
As an occasional owl mourns some unknown loss.
The bats, as though unaware, going crazy over some ripe fruit.
The endless array of insects fuzzing around the street light,
The lizards lurking in the shades, swallowing the fat ones, amidst the buzz-
Occasionally an errant butterfly, or a lost dragonfly, caught off guard under the tube light.
The dogs howl, a temporary release from the night chill,
Cats prowling about, both flashing their eyes at some passing light-
Of motors cutting across the dark fabric, tracing their way towards the safety of their homes.
As rats, mice and other sneaky things go nimbly about their business-
Behind locked kitchen doors, licking fruits and vegetables the cockroaches rein on.
The majestic moths, spreading their wings at ease, appearing as if it is all their scene,
The blooming scent of night queens, travelling far through the breeze-
As fireflies and stars twinkle their magical hues to celebrate.
The slumbering souls unaware, of the night life humming a tune of its own, thriving under the moon.

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