Night’s Companion

Silence everywhere now,
And it’s too dark to see.
I linger into my bed.
Towards those arms,
For comfort and solace.

Those arms…
They’re the ones that held me,
Helped to mold me,
And the one’s that told me,
“It’s going to be okay.”

I know it’s safe here,
And is warm with love and care.
I hug her tight.
Slowly, I tell her another story.
They go unheard,
Since awake is just me,
Convoyed with her love.

I hear her snores.
She doesn’t notice how
I crawl near her.
With a touch she knows;
She knows I’m here.
It’s amazing,
As she’s still sleeping.

After battles lasting all day long,
Learning new old things of people,
No one’s dear,
And They aren’t near.
Losing these fights every day,
For some bliss, I pray;
Pray for arms like yours.
Because arms of a mother,
Is the only one that’ll choose,
To hold you close.

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