No more realization

I hope to not remember the thought I had last night,
The land was warm the ceiling was warm but my heart felt the cold spreading through my body,
I mesmerized the coldness of my heart and blood with all endeavors,
I devoured the happiness with my whole heart out,
But it lasted for few seconds,
My whole body froze in the terror I got after I have enjoyed my last seconds so much,
I trembled down on the floor,
There I feel the floor was coldly freezing in the warmth.
I wasn’t certain that my sensation has gone forever with out any good bye,
My coldly brain suddenly stopped functioning with the accuracy for which I have the fame,
I am not anymore warm as I was, I am not

even feeling blood to pass throughout my whole body,
My feelings were numb,
My blood was cold,
My veins got old,
I listened the heart beat in the silence, it was like Hiroshima after the bombardment,
Everything got stopped but the time didn’t stopped for me which I wanted the most,
My heart beats one by one and I got overwhelmed with the thought that I crossed one more second,
I idealised the thought with perfections of my grieves,
I wanted someone to pat my head with a compliment that time which I hated the most in my whole time,
I graved my emancipation in the core of the earth,
So it won’t be found again for the dictators I know,
The patriarchs of the society grown like

that it was a campaign,.
But I being a female who just started to feel the most memorable feeling,
Demanded to live in this mortal cruel land became a rebel,
I hope not to return to a body where I divided the soul to pieces because I was done with all the pain.

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