Nocturnal Demons

The monsters in my mind
Dont leave in the night
They creep surreptitiously
Lurking in dark shadows
I hear them scream
I hear them cry
I see them dancing to a macabre tune Through the melancholy in my mind
As the night embraces darkness My inner demons rise
My soul is trembling
While they warp my mind with its cries
I can hear them whispering
Shattering my mind inside
With staggering breaths
I hold my pieces tight
My mind is a broken canvas
Obscured with splashes of darkness
Eternally waiting for a beautiful brushstroke
To unfurl it with colours and elate my mind
After an eternity of crippling menace
The enlightening dawn arrives
Caressing the fragments of my soul
Fading gently the poignancy of the night

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