Ocean of Life

A lifetime opportunity
Is what we are getting
To live, to laugh, to cry
And cherish this wonderful setting

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea
Nor is it everybody’s ball game
Life seems different to you and me,
Even though the four letters are the same

In the vast ocean called life and dreams
You and me are the rivers in motion
Make sure not to disappear into it
But the one to make this ocean

I go under the bridges,
And travel overs the rocks
Treating them as new challenges,
I Never perceive them as blocks

Sometimes I roar and rumble,
Sometimes I just become bleak,
I don’t have to focus on the hardships,
But the ultimate destination I seek

I don’t get to flow as a singular river
I pull along the sand and stones
For I can’t move ahead without them,
Even if I suffer, and even if I moan

When times seem happy
I swim and surf across the farms
And when times are grim,
I fill tears in my palms

Seeing the other rivers,
I often think to myself,
Am I too soft, am I too weak
Will I lose my identity itself?

But I know everything happening
For a greater purpose it is,
Some days happy, others gloomy
But I can definitely sail through this

When I finally see the ocean
Waiting for me in all its glory
The course just gets harder
In a way, a repeating story

All that I’ve been through
Just comes back in flashes,
It all just feels like my hard work
Has burned down into ashes

I fall, I tumble,
I don’t want to start over,
A want to reach the ocean,
And not to remain a rover

This is the time for me to seize
Time to turn my dream into a reality
When everything’s seems lost
There comes a sense of tranquillity

I know I have done all that I could
And I just give it my last shot
I don’t bother if I will reach
Maybe I will, maybe not

I vow to never forget
The ocean is my goal ahead
Life is not a journey already set
Seems hard, but I’ll work harder instead

At the end it doesn’t
Matter If I succeed or if I failed
All that matters is that I didn’t disappear
Into the ocean;
But the ocean is what I made.

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