The month that never arrives alone
Brings with it his bag
Of sorrow, of longing, of ghosts of the past
The bag I am to unpack
now that it had found its way home
to me,
How I wish you had delayed your visit.
Oh October, my heart sinks
like the leaves of the Fall,
except I don’t look as beautiful

Its the second day
Of October
The dusk only lasts a while
The dawn descends sooner
In between, I try to grasp the time
Keep it wrapped in my fist
I trap it, claim it as mine
But they disintegrate in my palm
Their force so strong, they find a way
To escape, to fly away, to dissipate
Time and sunset, they sink
And I find myself, the same
Without a watch on my hand,
Without a trace of my footprint
I am right where I was
I have not moved
But October, you’ve been callous
You left me, fleeted past
I think I set my heart on you
For longer than you deserved
Never realising that what I desired
Was just an atom, unseen, unfelt
Devoid of warmth
Deriving it’s entire being
From leaves, flowers, nature
Shedding others’ colours to
Selfishly keep for yourself
The same way you drain
The soul out of me
And then take flight
Like I was nothing less
Than a futile muse to an artist

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