Oh, Dear Love!

Sixty seconds to heavenly abode,
But none beside to adore.
Staring at My Wall of Fame,
Couldn’t smile once more.
As heart rate turned weaker,
Glimpses of her turned stronger.
Oh, Dear Love,
Not Her again.

We met as teens,
And realized what Love means.
She is Out of my League,
Discouraged the crowd.
Only to shook their heads,
As she proposed at Prom.

She held,
Every time I slip.
She stood,
Every time I fell.
She believed,
More than anybody ever did.
She could have given up,
But she chose to stay.

She made my goals,
As our goals.
She made my destinations,
As our destinations.
She made my dreams,
As our Dreams.
Not to dally,
But to cherish togetherness.

I achieved,
She celebrated.
I was felicitated,
She felt proud.
I earned wealth and fame,
She stood out of the frame.
I flew miles alone,
She waited patiently back home.
I prioritized work,
She still put up.
I broke promises,
Finally, she gave up.

Choices were Finite.
Love or Career,
Apology or Ignorance.
I chose,
The path of Guilt.

Half century has passed,
But memories have not.
As tears roll down,
Eyes shut,
Heart rate slows,
And I breathe my last,
I wish I could go back.

Loud and Noisy,
Rings my alarm.
Shivering and mumbling,
Dreading and Sweating,
A Nightmare,
That changed my Life Forever.

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