Oil spill

I have watched the ships drift away on the rings of your eyes,
Floating south, my compass always repelled your tides,
Maybe you saw my love like a honeysuckle vine,
Wrapped around the helmsman’s throat-
Your journey soon steered off my map.

Do not see me at fault; do not see me like a drought,
I rained on your crops and flooded the soil,
Fate pushes us apart, the weeds always grew back too fast,
Now I drift off into a loud crowd alone.

They say, our blurb was an oil spill,
Together, we drained our capacity to insulate love,
Choking on toxic waters all day, every day-
It took a storm to notice we were the cause.

At least I think I’m heading east now,
I see bursts of you in the fury of the nightly storms,
We were always parted by lightning, clashing thunder,
But do not see me as famine, for my soul feels fed.

And now I know, the by-line of our story was a dare,
Dared to sail into an ocean that was bound to kill,
No one was at fault-
So, do not see me as a sand imprint on your skin-
For you are forever tattooed on the hull of my craft.

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