Old Friends!

Joy! What is it?
Is it when we breathe in the early morning air?
Is the first rays of sunlight?
Is the clear reflection in the water?

Joy is in all of these
If we take time to see it,
Joy is in taking a cool shower in the summer
Or in the warmth of the fireplace in winter.

Joy is in our laughter,
In our tears,
In our craziness,
In our anger.

It is not something we should ignore.
It’s hard to find it in today’s world,
With no time to even breathe the air.
Don’t brush off joy. She misses you!

She makes you feel light,
When you feel heavy,
She is there when you need her,
Even if you don’t.

Welcome her with open arms,
Like old friends.
Before all you can ask is,
Where are you?
-Akshaya Krishnan

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