I beg you.

Let’s be old school, please.

Stop those texts:
the unfinished ones, the backspaced ones, the one-word ones.
Write letters instead, pour your heart out on paper – it listens.

Walk out of cinema theatres and walk into museums.

Listen to classics – when music was played only on instruments.

Read – anything and everything, feed your soul.

Smell the morning tea – could anything be more soothing?

Blow the dandelion –
believe what you wished upon it would come true.

Marvel at fairytales –
runaway from midnight parties, be the knight in shining armor.

Remember little things that matter to others –
you’ll find your way to their heart.

Give out free hugs – we all need fixing.

Build relationships on deep conversations.

Grow with love, don’t fight for it.

Let’s go back to forehead kisses and holding hands.

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