Om Namah Shivaay

I know I cannot fall.
You’d catch me, before I do.

I know I will fly, for you will be my wings.
I know it won’t pain, for you will be my solace.

I know I’ll sleep, at peace; for you will be my comfort.
I know I’ll wake up to belief, for you are my faith.

You are the beginning. You are the end.
You are the destruction. You are the protection.
Love is you, and so is pain.
Power is you, and so is vain.

When I’m the child, you are my father.
When I’m the lady, you, my lover.
When I’m the mother, you, my trust.
When I’m the body, you, my last breath.

Witnessing your miracle, is my reward.
Witnessing you, is my only wish.

There is no embodiment, higher than you.
If at all there is, this myth is untrue.

I bow, and vow to only love you.
I solemnly want to be loved, just like you.

You are my worship; you, my honour.
You are my everything; you, my end.

You are. Hence, I am.

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