I do not have a name, or any fame
Know not my parents, am a just burning flame
Do not have any dreams, or any aims
Know not, how to this world I came
Somehow born, may be only to mourn
I do not have any religion
But pray all the gods for no reasons
Was found in a garbage bin, wrapped in a cloth for
Flocked my tender body deadly insects, flies, termites
Cry for milk and writhing pain of insect bites
People feeling sympathetic seeing this sight
Grown up myself begging rag picking
Sleeping on the pavement life aimlessly leading
I hear the sounds of music, of flute and bands
Procession, people with colourful dresses walking looking grand
Women folk, children young and old
Abdorned with jewels, invitation as well as gold
Spreading the fragrances of perfumes and flowers
The bridegroom enchantingly dressed on the horse
All assembled at the other end of the wall
To bless the newlywed in the marriage hall
I smell the aroma of delicious food
Varieties of food, all are in happy mood
They eat little, leave behind a lot
Though it is a delicious and hot
Leaves with leftover food, dumping in garbage fin
I rush forwards with my bowl made of fin
I too feel happy to taste food occasionally so delicious
Already surrounded by stray dogs barking, ferocious
The food in the leaves to great so eager
A dog bites in the melees, never care, care only hunger
I do not care the pain of dog bite
Collect many leaves, triumphed after the fight
It is becoming dark, pain is unbearable, severe
Body is becoming hot with high fever
I shiver, I sweat, appears froth in the mouth
I ask water, gasp for the breath
Nobody powers water, at least I breathe my last
Life has come to end so fast
Lying on the pavement, my body lifeless
Breathe less body only bone and flesh
Some passersby curiously throw at me the coins
Some pity, but nobody mourns
Cover me my lifeless body in a gunny bag
So is the fate, born in a rag
Dig and bury me in the grave yard
Without flowers, nor a garland
Left on the pavement a forsaken bowl
Is there anybody to care an orphan soul.

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