Paper boat

i am not a person,
i am not a devote,
i am just floating on water,
they call me a paper boat.

they ask me what’s my love?
i say them water waves.
which will help me travel the world,
through their push aways.

i have less time to cherish,
but the best one than any other.
i observe the falling berries,
and the fishes underwater.

i travel across the world watching day and night,
from the sun shining bright to the cool moonlight.

i wanted to travel the whole world,
but there were many different paths.
this was the time,
when my love, tore me apart.

now i am in pieces, but in all different
regions of the world.
enjoying my life sometimes crystal clear
sometimes fully blurred.
torn but happy are my pieces,
some are Looking at the birds,
some are eaten by the fishes,
some floated and saw the unseen dark beaches.
some freezing in snowfall,
some enjoying autumn,
some are till now floating,
and some sank in the bottom.
if you think my life is different
just read it again,
it is deeply relevant,
as i also go through the same love and pain.
both our lives are the same,
just take a simple oath.
that whichever problem comes in my life,
i will be like a paper boat.

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