You and I are polar opposites, yet somehow we are the same.
Our creation was a universal conspiracy, a fascinating game of pleasure and pain

I am the outcome of a water cycle, while you are made of ash and fire!
Pushing and pulling like magnets at war, fighting each other to hide our desire.

It took the sun to boil the sea, so that I could be seated in the clouds.
You’ve been waiting patiently in the sun, the test of time has brought you a drought.

We are the same in so many ways, we told ourselves this is not what we want.
We forced ourselves to believe otherwise, on days so dry and nights so long.

It’s been easier to fool ourselves, while we stayed busy consuming our pain
But we’re just atoms of a bigger reaction, for every hurt there’s more love to gain.

I am the evaporated sea forming into storm clouds, you are the dry land hit by droughts.

The clouds; waiting and watching go high above,
I see you down there, you need a shower of my love.

Your pain is a teacher that you finally met, at the height of your emotions there was a spark and a fire was lit.

Don’t you forget, Oh! ravishing one, it’s not just me it’s also you.
You are my raging wildfire red, I am your water blue azure.

That’s how the universe conspired by keeping us apart!
Ours is not a novel of love, but a magnificent work of art.

The winds in the sky push me away from you,
While you rage and burn to create a smoky hue.

No I can’t be pushed further, you’re all I want.
Your desire for me burns you, and makes you gaunt.

I have seen your form, I have seen your flow,
I have felt your need to crash against me and become whole.
I’ve witnessed the flames of your desire, Secretly in my arms you wish to perspire.

One day I’ll pour my love on you, like the fire you are insatiably thirsty.
Our bodies entangle as we become one, your warmth will meet my tranquility.

Our union; so rare like water and fire, impactful and wondrous, sizzling with satisfaction.
This well tuned and graceful yearning of our love, moves us in a rhythmic dance of passion.

That’s how we will be destroyed, as we crave for more, we will want this all over again.
We’ll dwell in each other, like a bonfire in snow, for our pleasure becomes greater than our pain.

And don’t you ever forget me my dear, remember you are my greatest desire.
With my lightning I’ll strike your love. For now, only I can start your fire.

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