A great human once said, “Follow your passions, and success will follow.” As humans, each and every one of us have this one thing in our lives, that creates a fire in our minds, brings out our creative sides. It is something we always turn to, whether it is for when we are joyful, to cure sadness, relieve stress or get our minds off of something. It’s a safe space for us and we can express ourselves to the fullest. Ones question is, “Why can’t we make a life out of our passions and ambitions?” We are bound by societal pressures and are meant to have a certain, very invaluable status in this crude world. We are always made to think what a the other person who doesn’t get any credit for your existence would think about you and this creates a sense of consciousness within our minds and a scare to our hearts. The ones who make money by following their passions are considered “lucky”. Luck isn’t something they don’t have, but often by the outcome of this word, “luck” isn’t considered to be gained by everyone and anyone. “If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion.” At the end of the day, what you do with your life, should make you happy and have a state of self satisfaction, it should make you feel like everyday is not a pain or a burden but a blessing. Following your passion can be a bit tricky, and many of the times, we have to be very creative in implementing them. There’s always a state of dubiety and uncertainty in our minds that makes us hesitate from taking risks and starting something new, but, the fear of self doubt makes our goals and passions so much bigger for us, it creates a nervous and excited state of mind in our brains, which portrays how much we crave to achieve them. Many a times, we are used to what others might think about certain aspects of our lives and we’re used to having a judgement thrown upon us after everything we do, as demotivating as it sounds, we need to see the optimism in these oversights and turn them into uplifting points and apply them to living our lives to the fullest. You have a special power, a talent and a side of you that no one else does, it is something unique that has only been given to you. Use it with the most wiseness, don’t let it squander and deteriorate. Take risks, try new things, work hard to capture your passion, everything else will catch on.

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