Take some tomatoes
Bring it to a boil
Make sure they are straight from the soil

Try to chop some onions
Without crying
Take some oil because
The next step is frying

Take some water and
Add it to a pot
Make sure the water
Is boiling hot

Now fry the Onions
Till it’s golden brown
And the smell of raw Tomatoes
Can easily get your face to frown

Add the Pasta into the water
And let it cook
It takes such a long time
That you can finish
Reading a whole book

Once the Tomatoes
Are reduced to a paste
Now is the best part
You can give it a taste

Into the Sauce add
Some salt and pepper
Oh! and it’s almost
Time for supper

Drop the Pasta
Into the Sauce
And finish the
Whole thing without
Taking a pause

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