Patterns !

Like the nature’s tessellations,

We have created multilayered patterns in our civilizations.

The organic pattern in which the city grows,

With the various patterned houses lined in rows,

Interweaved in the  cultural patterns that people sew,

Topped with the resonations created by differences in the views.

A pattern of fading greens in an exhale,

And Greys building in an inhale.

Of gulping the weak by means of power,

Of weaker masses uniting and rising to the tower.

The criss cross patterns of the roads and flyovers,

Of people running in the 9 to 5 race for turnovers.

Patterns of some people just finding the vagina,

 Of vehicular smokes causing angina.

Patterns of dominance,

Patterns of ignorance.

Patterns of thinking what others think,

Patterns of ego leading the ship to sink.

Patterns of discriminations over colour and creed,

Patterns of the actions defined by just greed.

In the civilization we live , some patterns we need to retain and involve,

While some we need to disown and dissolve.. 

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