Peace and Serenity

It’s been the time that reluctantly perceived by
Accustomed to the struggle and pains that apparently over seized sly
Can’t even render to the agony where I have been forbidden envy
In search of inheritance and peace have always been accused
To for see myself here with and even neither can’t deny.

Looping myself in the counter of darkness
My heart fear to overcome the trouble sameness
Society emphasize that you are all mine
Why to render your own thoughts and steps
When we are here to control your vibes.

Who are you to think of your peace?
Why you want your own will and freedom
When we are there to suppress your bliss
You have no rights to lead your serenity and peace
Society doesn’t reveal but inherently they counter to
Aloof the freedom and my feel

So here in the path of empathy and darkness
I just feel my solitude and let my mind
Endure the serenity and peace
Let the society reveal what they are on to
Inquisitively lend to make myself strong
So that further of the life I can lend with
Happiness and bliss

After all and in all certainty
Have been realized my own happiness
Is my own perspective
It’s the emotions which insane to make me strong
Else the serenity and peace from my life
Will reluctantly be all be vanished.

I just have to simply acquire myself
To be the cause of my own happiness
Else undoubtedly and apparently without my permission
The serenity and peace from my life
Will forever be lavished?

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