Perhaps there is some great unknown beyond what our simple eyes can reach for in the corners of clouds.

Perhaps when I look up at the sky I do not see blue, I see an expanse of quilted blanket painstakingly crafted by a woman of impossible beauty.

Perhaps we are all coats worn daily until our pockets don’t hold loose change and our sleeves are tattered, and we are hung up for the last time. .

Perhaps there is more to life than what is experienced in life and as the last breath of air flows lazily from our lungs the world pans out and it is so very small and delicate but special.

Perhaps we are here because we are so very insignificant and that is beautiful.

Perhaps the lake freezes over but life continues beneath the surface, thrives even.

Perhaps the moment of death, after the final breath, is a moment of understanding that could never be obtained in life because you finally understand that we are all just small beautiful people and nothing can change that, but the idea that we are so small is so very big because we think everything matters so very much but what we really need to understand is that a life is a letter in a never-ending fantasy series about how one little imperfection spawned a beautiful mess of hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and molecules and compounds that formed and bonded and created cells that created life…

Perhaps I am a rambling madman that knows nothing of the significance or insignificance of life.

Perhaps I have unheard insight into what may or may not be.

Perhaps we need to live and love and die as a people and not as a person.

Perhaps we need to feel every death as if it were our own.

Perhaps each one of us is united through sheer existence.


By Mahak Sharma.


  1. Shalina Aahva Gupta

    Beautifully penned. There is beauty in so much surrender. “Perhaps we are here because we are so very insignificant and that is beautiful”. Indeed!

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