They say you only live one time and you only die once,
‘THEY’ might only die once, but people like me, we have died a couple of times before. We have lived life count of dozens.
Sometimes something inside dies
Some nights the shell, the skin, the cover, the body decays and the only thing left are the insides
Sometimes we are the murderers of ourselves.
When we choke it with smoke ,
Drown it in salty waters,
When we just hit it again n again till it dies. Sometimes we abuse it, use it, let it bleed till it bleeds red and fills all of the bottles in our fridges.
Sometimes we are just victims of everything around. Correction, everyone around.
Words and deeds, deeds and needs.
Stab, cut, punch, choke, kick, slit, dip, lit all that is to it , repeat
Friends, lovers, acquaintances and families and once in a while even by some other enemies.
Sometimes we are resurrected right after the brutality, sometimes we rest, stay dead for a while or two.
We rest not always in peace,
We live always in pieces

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