Pinpricks of Hope in the skies

It’s grey and whooshing with chill wind now, the eerie skies.
I know it is imminent night, will soon envelope my frightfully vivid
Anxious, scheming mind,
Of despair jumping on those staring up awestruck,
From the depth of abyss.
I’m scared of staring into that dark void
And hate I don’t have cat eyes in this pitch black.
But still I stargaze with you, into your eyes–pinpricks of
Light seeming to always flicker with optimism
Though life’s a thick atmosphere
filling your stars with labile color. An inconstant constant.

I am lost to a blossoming in eternal unconditional constellations,
The trillion and more eyes of God.
I’d never lose sight even if my fear is keeping blanketed warm.
Even if,
Somedays I do not feel your company looking up with me,
As if you’re watch from the edges of the horizon,
Corners of your eyes–afar
This now is when I hope to realise
I’m no more scared of the indefinite infinite.

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