To make a pizza knead some dough
I hope it turns out well though

Chop some tomatoes
With a fine knife
Make sure the tomatoes
Are red and ripe

Take a pan
Add some Onions and Garlic
Add the Tomatoes
Puree them; it’s your pick

Pour the white sauce
Mix some flour, milk and butter
And when it starts to thicken
It’s time to takeout, the vegetable cutter

Cut the vegetables into thin pieces
Take out the dough
And role it into a big circle
So each one can
Get at least two slices

Once both the sauces are ready
Add them into a bowl
And do the mix
Make sure, you don’t take too many licks

Once you roll the dough
Preheat the oven
And after the crust is baked
It smells like heaven

Once it’s out
Add some toppings
And some cheese on the top
And back into the oven Its popped
And finally the Pizza is ready
Make sure you share them with your buddy

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