I am a mother of two sons and a daughter
At my last breath who pours water
Miles away from my home town
No use of property I own
On a deserted railway platform
I lie aimlessly, eagerly awaiting death
Deserted, abounded now i am orphan
Many relatives, but of noose even children
Right hand and leg paralysed
Bed rest regular medicines doctor advised
My dependable sold, my husband died, left me alone
My reliable soul, my companion
Breathed his last, finally buried
My future bleak weak and worried
Hopefully asked children at burial ground
With whom I have to stay
All murmuring, shouting, big sound
All said no way, no way
On the pretext of better treatment, admission
They had a plan and mission
Boarded a train in the night
Midway alighted no movement of people
Carried and dumped on platform as I am crippled
Left me on deserted platform nowhere in the sight
Vanished in the air pitch dark a night mare my dwelling
Retired school teacher get monthly pension
Right hand and leg paralysed, only thumb impression
No dwelling place, deserted platform
Shared themselves flats and farm
Every month children visit
With bread snacks and sweet
Not with love, but to get thumb impression
To get and share my pension
Given birth from my womb
A bleak hope, some body may take me hope
But in vein no hopes only dream
Tears roll down on cheeks like stream
Now i am an often left alone Silently i mourn
When train arrives platform burst into activities
Some passenger’s offers leftover food
Some through coins offer fruits and bread
My cloths completely worn
A blanket here and there born
Health is deteriorating, No medicine
Left alone what is my sin
Eye wide open one day I die
Who is there to cry my life less body removed?
Silently i was buried
Life is not bed of roses.

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