One day at a time, one fight,
I’m going to give it all my might,
Serenity prayers please give me the light,
To accept my life and guide me right.

Some days, things are out of sight,
God comfort me so I feel alright,
I’m shrouded in darkness, with dark knight,
Noble I’m in my cause, it’s my plight.

There was this day when I didn’t want to be alive,
Locked those feelings in the archive,
Seeded them deep inside brain so they won’t thrive,
Questioning purpose of life when I’m twenty five.

Curiosity took a dive,
One instinct on my mind is to survive,
Time to wake up and revive,
It’s time to deprive.

I’m going to work upon my life until arrive,
The day I live,
To see one hundred twenty five,
All those flashbacks in front of my sight.

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