I’ve been surviving
Each day, every day
As the years go by
I silently kneel to pray
I am what you ain’t
I am no fallen sinner
I ain’t a revered saint
It’s not my point to prove
It’s not my will to share
I have not missed the plot
Yet I have suffered a lot
Been called weird names
I have been battered
In the blind worldly games
I am not off key
If you don’t hear those mellow rhymes
I play my own harmony
The wild melancholy chimes
Little for which do you care
My rights questioned
My life threatened
Just coz I chose my path
With colours more than you can reflect
You are blinded by black and white
Dividing views into wrong and right
I shine, a star on the brink
I am eternal pink
Not anything from you I borrow
I am a beautiful scatter
I am a rainbow. . .

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